What we call planning at iKayal is using the insights we gain from research process to create a conceptual prototypes, feature prioritization works and long term road map. The advantage of all this activities is to organize the work flow of the process and creating a good engineering environment and other practical limitation.

User + Market Research

Identify your user and your market. Research is more than collecting data. It is taking that information and translating it into insights you can act on, thus motivating long term product planning and positioning. It will expose the truths about your brand, your market and your consumers. We will look closely into your market, competitors and trends. We talk to your consumers and observe them in the field to better understand their activities.

Competitive Analysis

What is your competitor doing ?
How they situated in the market ?
How does your target audience feel with the competitive product ?
We will work hard to define and understand the competitive landscape to develop a resolution that becomes long term sustainable benefits in the marketplace.

Brand Strategy

Before making any strategy plan, you need to know who you are and what makes you exclusive. We will help you to discover the identity of yours and build a strategy to toughen your brand image, as well as stake the place of territory in the marketplace you deserved to own. Given our deep understanding of user activities and market trends, we develop cross-channel strategies that both exciting and realistic to accomplish.


Envisioning is a useful tool for bringing clarity to complexity, for imagining what could be, for making what doesn't exist yet substantial. The process will start by creating a proper framework, an interaction model or an ecosystem to understand the target audience behavior. Then we create scenario of what will be the problem and what is the solution to it. Finally we will convey a prototype such as: rapid sketches, detailed visual mock-ups, storyboard or even fully- functional applications to bring the concept lively.

Brand & Consumer Relationship

The rules of engagement have changed. Interruption is dead. Now‚ the audiences make a decision. And in order to get their attention‚ you have to be relevant‚ helpful‚ and interesting. You have to offer them something they wish for or require. In order to achieve that‚ we need to do two things know what they want & ’making friendship with them‘. With a good understanding of those potential points of collection‚ we can create a strategy and work to build consumer engagement

Business Analytics

Finally we create a specific deliverables include ’measure of success‘ documents‚ annual results summaries‚ ongoing systematic reporting‚ planning and management. So everyone has an apparent picture of the goals‚ objectives and results to accomplish.